Android Squishable Plush Dolls Is As Cute As The Angry Birds Models

Talking about plush dolls, Angry birds is one of the most popular in today’s trend. But it doesn’t mean that other cute adorable character should stand aside! Recently, Thinkgeek has just made the new Android Squishable Plush doll that looks equally nice for the Android fans to hug.


He ate too much bloatware.

There once was a pleasantly plump Android. He spent his days obeying the Three Laws and eating delicious toasted sandwiches. He always ordered his sandwiches without bloatware — he was watching his figure, after all — but one day he ate some accidentally. Then it was over. He just got fatter and fatter… more and more bloated. He’s a lot slower these days since his body is so much larger than his legs. But boy howdy, is he squishy and huggable!

With a 15″ diameter, the Squishable Android is the perfect size for hugs. (Pick the 7″ size if you can’t handle big hugs!) He’s the perfect snuggle buddy for naps and a handy height to use as an extra armrest on the sofa. Toss him around the house, throw him at people, hug him when you’re sad. Use him as a squishy green armrest while you play Angry Birds. The snuggly, cuddly, Androidly possibilities are endless.


If you want to hug one, you can get one at Thinkgeek for $19.99 (7-inch) and $39.99 (15-inch).

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