Bye-5 Switch Want You To Do High Five Whenever You Want To Switch On/Off The Light

Perhaps this is one of the best motivation for people to remember to turn off their light when leaving a room. Especially for those with little awareness of what they are facing right now on the climate changes, they often leaving their PC on for the entire night, or never switch off their light. It’s entirely done by their subconscious mind as they’ve built a strong habit of doing that.


As for the PC matter, user can actually install a special software that will help them turn off their PC automatically when no activity detected for a certain amount of time. However, there is no cheap automation solution to turn off light, unless they turn it off by themselves. Well, you can get an expensive motion detection light by the way. But that would cost a lot more than just a simple manual switch off with our hand.

To troubleshoot this problem, clever designer Da Deng has created a nice looking power switch called Bye-5. This switch is taking the shape of a fun looking hand with complete five fingers and glowing light in the palm as a reminder that the light is still on. It will encourage users to give a high five before leaving a room, and that’s also mean they can turn off their light at the same time.

[Bye-5 Light Switch via Tuvie]

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