Elecom ‘OtoKurage’ The JellyFish Earbuds

Check out this nice little earbuds designed by Japanese Studio Nendo. It’s a design for Elecom’s Otokurage earbuds that looks like a translucent jelly fishes. Well, it’s a Jellyfish earbuds anyway!


‘Otokurage’ means Sound of JellyFish (‘Oto’ = sound, ‘Kurage’ = jellyfish) that obviously what Elecom want to offer. It’s built with silicone based caps and it’s available in variety of colors. Judging from the image above, It should be pretty comfortable to stuffed into our ears. The silicone looks soft and flexible, should be able to fit in different size of ear hole. But the company will also bundle the Otokurage earphones with different type of smaller ear tips.


They look so nice in variety of colors! Sadly, it won’t glow in the dark like what I wish to have if I’m going to get something like this. This Otokurage earbuds is reported to be available by the end of May, but it might be available in Japan only.

[Elecom via Ohgizmo][image credit:DesignBoom]

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