Batman Money Clip – Nice Way To Keep Your Money


I’m not really a batman fans if you’d ask me, however, I found this Batman Money Clip pretty interesting to keep my changes handy and easy to pick up whenever I want to give someone a tip. This Batman Money Clip shapes like a mini batarang that you can fold into two to clip your money. No worry, there is no sharp edge like the real one that could potential cutting your fingers. This batman money clip has a rubber coating and magnetic field around the grip to help gripping the changes tightly.


Let Batman protect your wealth

It’s a pity that Bruce Wayne couldn’t use this money clip. At least not while he’s being a billionaire playboy. Then again, we figure that he probably doesn’t carry large wads of green. On the other hand, Batman isn’t exactly swinging the Batmobile through the drive-thru at his favorite burger joint either. So it’s up to you to fly your Bat flag high with this super sweet Batman Money Clip.

It’s a tiny batarang that folds protectively over your precious money, keeping it from flying away. Die-cast, sheathed in a ninja-like matte black rubberized coating and with a magnetized grip, this is the stealthiest and most effective batarang money clip on the face of the planet.


Product Specifications:

  • A tiny batarang to fold around your precious money
  • Die-cast and sheathed in matte black rubberized coating
  • Magnetized grip holds your cash in place
  • Don’t forget to have your Batmobile detailed

Want to keep your money with Batman style? You can order the Batman Money Clip for $39.99 from ThinkGeek.

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