Cool Concrete Outdoor Ping-Pong Table With Stainless Steel Net

You know what, I have never thought that gaming could influence me much, but after playing Sport Champions, especially the ping-pong match, I’m totally hooked. Well, call me childish, I don’t mind. This game (or the sport itself!) is very interesting. And after I saw this cool concrete outdoor ping-pong table with stainless steel net, my soul shouted “I want one!” even in reality I know it’s an expensive stuff!


This concrete outdoor is not a concept, it’s actually a table that you can get per your request. Of course, the usual green ping-pong table is more then enough to unleashed your ball of fury, but in case you have got too much of money registered in your bank account, getting this specially made concreate outdoor ping-pong table is not bad either.



Since it’s using concrete and stainless steel net, you can actually get one and donate it to your nearest park so your neighbors could have fun with it. If you are interested, you should contact Hengetable for more details, let’s hope they can be mercy for the Ping-pong enthusiast who want some special table for their game! :)

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