Thanko Unveils HD 2 Video Watch with Integrated Spy Camera

Getting a spy camera is pretty useful because sometimes it can record a special scenery that might helpful to solve strange case of murder, accident, or other unexpected conditions. But normal spy camera will not do the job because they are pretty obvious and not suitable for use in stealth mode.

Luckily, we have found quite a collection of stealth spy camera, which includes the Spy T-Shirt, marker/highlighter camera, or even the Spynet Video mission video watch.


Now, another variant of the spy watch like spynet video mission has appeared and it’s brought to us via Thanko, the company from Japan. Known as HD 2 video watch, it’s been said that it’s a modern sport looking watch with built-in spy camera for stealth recording.

This HD 2 video watch is capable of taking picture at 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution, can record 720p HD video at 30fps and store them into its built-in 4GB memory. Thanko HD 2 video watch is capable of recording up to 1 hour using its internal rechargeable battery (require full 2 hours to fully recharged)

Sadly, there is no external camera like the SpyMission have. But it’s equally good because it can record in HD now.

How much to get one? Well, It’s not available in the States anyway. However, Thanks to GeekStuff4U who’ve been keen enough to import Japanese product for the world, you can actually get this video watch spy camera for $159. Kind of pricey, IMHO…

[via Gadgetsin]

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