Facecord Cabinet – Possibly The Best Cabinet For The Forrest Dwellers

The place that I’m living has no cold season, so practically I’ve no idea how warm a fireplace is, and how is the look of a storage filled with the firewood stock for raising the fire. Well, now at least I’ve got a clue with this Facecord cabinet designed by Mark Moskovitz from Cleveland.


From a quick look, you can see bunch of firewood stacked together, like the group that would be stored near a fireplace. Heck, if this Facecord cabinet is placed near a fireplace, people might just want to pull out some logs from the bunch to keep the fire flaming!

Well, no you won’t be able to put any individual log/firewood our of the group because it’s just a decoration made to resembles a pile of firewood. There are 4 drawers in total that will hide pretty well into the firewood pattern to fool you into think that they are bunch of firewood stacked together.


If you are asking for the price of this facecord firewood-style cabinet, well, no I haven’t heard anything about it as this design is one of the many designs from the 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair. I doubt you can find it any sooner even if you have pile of money ready to spend on this furniture!

[via New York Times]

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