Kobo Introduces New Budget-Friendly Touchscreen e-Reader

In the market for a cheaper ebook reader? If you are going to buy ebook reader other than Amazon Kindle or Nook, they you might want to wait for this Kobo Budget-friendly touchscreen ebook reader that will be released on this June 2011.


Kobo new touchscreen e-reader will cost $130, a couple bucks higher than Amazon Kindle, but it has touchscreen display and built-in navigation system including virtual keyboard and Merriam Webster dictionary (which what Kindle is lack of).

Kobo Touchscreen e-reader is powered by Freescale i.MX507 processor that is powerful enough to make each page transition a snap, and it has WiFi connectivity for accessing online bookstores. It’s pretty interesting to see how touchscreen functionality works on an e-ink display. It’s been reported that the e-ink is similar to the Pearl display on Kindle. Which mean the quality might be high enough and battery life could be lasting for weeks per charge.

[via Crunchgear]

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