Sharp Introduces AQUOS Phone With HQ GPU and Ability To Hook Up With HDTV

Sharp has just announced a AQUOS Phone, which in the future will be called as Global smartphone that would also work with with China’s network. What’s make this AQUOS phone different from other smartphones available in the market today is the inclusion of High Quality Graphic engine that allow user to hook up their cell phone with their AQUOS Full 1080p HDTV, AV equipment or other wireless networks using its built-in WiFi connectivity.


As the matter of sharing technology, Sharp AQUOS Phone has been certified for the DLNA home network standard, means you can use connect with any similar DLNA certified devices on the network.

This AQUOS Global Phone is also getting an image sharpening technology for best natural rendering of images on the phone screen for any purpose like watching internet video, or even when it’s been connected to a big screen TV. The company haven’t mention the details of the specs for the phone yet as their press release is kind of limited with information. Above image is only an illustration and might not reflecting the final AQUOS phone.

[JapanCorp via Coolest Gadgets]

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