Want To Use Smart Cover On iPad 1? Let SmartSnap Helps You!

User of iPad 1st generation, have you ever envy or even jealous on iPad 2 users who’ve got a plenty of Smart Cover-like accessories to protect their iPad? Well, you can actually use Apple Smart Cover on your iPad 1 actually! Previously, you might not be able to use Smart cover on iPad 1st generation, however, with the help SmartSnap, you can also enjoy the lower angle typing and instant iPad screen protection, too!


Developed by a company called SmartFix, this SmartSnap is really as smart fix for Apple iPad 1 user to enjoy want they can’t. SmartSnap is actually a connection kit designed with the original iPad in mind. It contains several clear decals to attach the magnetic strap where you can stick the smart cover. There is a black guide decals to help you apply the smartsnap correctly, and the company also added two small silicone molds that act as the feet when in lower angle mode.

Installation instruction:

It looks good for a 10-15 minutes installation. Not really hard if you can stick the decals properly. However, it’s sad that you won’t be able to enjoy the instant wake-up or sleep by using smart cover. You really can’t enjoy all the features at all that iPad 2 owners have to brag about. Well, can’t help it. But at the very least, using smart cover on iPad 1 is now possible.

Interested to get one? SmartSnap is currently available for $20 USD from their official website. Add another $5 if you are interested to get their Smartgrips, too! What is it for? According to them, it’s for protecting the edges of your iPad while using your Smart Cover. No idea if it’s really needed or not.

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