Lark iPhone Silent Alarm Could Train A Natural Sleep-Wake Pattern

If waking up on time or having a good sleep has been a problem for you, this Lark iPhone silent alarm clock might be pretty useful for you. Lark iPhone Silent Alarm was demonstrated at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco last year and recently the company has made it available for the market.


What this Lark iPhone silent alarm will do is to improve your sleep quality and enhance your awake time. It provides a special app for your iPhone and a dedicated wrist strap that you should wear one before snugging into the comfy bed. This wrist strap will act as your personal alarm that will nudge you to wake up without disturbing your partner. The wrist strap itself will still work even your iPhone has run out of juice.

The sensor inside the wrist will also track your sleep patterns by recording any micromovement you’ve made while you are sleeping and you can read the report on your iPhone each morning.

There are two version of Lark iPhone Silent Alarm. The LARK regular version ($129.99) and LARK Pro version ($129.99). The difference of both versions is the Pro version has included a 7-Day Assessment and personal Sleep Coach app. If you are willing to add extra $60 to the purchase, it’s advisable to get the Pro version if you want to be coached to sleep. :)

[LARK Silent Alarm via Geeky-Gadgets]

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