Sound of Light Wireless Speakers Add More Functionality To Your Light Socket

If you have read the Audio Light Bulb, you’ll know what this Sound of Light Wireless Speakers all about. Technically speaking, they both are the same technology that could make a good use of the existing light bulb socket for a dedicated speaker system.


This Sound of Light is not mean that the light bulb will sing a song for you. There is a seat for the bulb that will act as a bridge between the light bulb and the socket, while at the same time providing a wireless speakers that will draw power from the socket.

Sound of Light wireless speakers has the range of up to 300ft, equipped with Texas Instruments 2.4GHz Purepath Wireless Digital Signal Transmitter. The transmitter itself can operate up to 4 speakers at once and you can use it to any MP3/audo players that you have.


The Sound of Light Wireless speaker is compatible with any standard bulbs that runs on 100V or 240V, and it’s compatible with iPhone if you want to tune music.

You can expect to see this Sound of Light wireless speakers to start shipping on June 2011 for unannounced pricing.

[Sound of Light via Gizmag]

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