Coloud Star Wars In-Ear Headphones – Have Stormtroopers In Your Ears

Here is a condition. You are fans of Star wars, and at the same time you are looking for a quality (but cheap enough) in-ear headphones so you can listen to the Star wars theme songs privately. If that is your case, I’m sure you will like this pair of budget-friendly in-ear headphones from Coloud.


This is the Star wars stormtrooper in-ear headphones with the stormtrooper faces on each side. It’s just like have a stormtrooper guiding your ears from enemy, and that’s pretty cute to have one. Sadly, I wish they could have a 3D-like face instead of just the face. But for $25 a piece, you can’t complain much, can you?


Each of this Star Wars stormtrooper in-ear headphones is coming with three sets of earbuds and the color selection is fixed to black and white only. Head here if you love to get one.

[via Chipchick]

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