Envizions Offering EVO 2 Android Game Console, Free Hardware SDK For Developer

To continue their journey in game console market, Envizions, who previously have launched their EVO game console, has introduced us to their new EVO 2 game console. What this next gen console is offering has included an unspecified 1.2GHz Samsung Processor, wireless game controller, TV remote, and the company has also stated that they are going to add a motion sensor as well.


This Android game console is reported to be running a modified Android 2.2 OS and it’s currently available for free for developers. Yep, the hardware SDK is for free, but developers still have to subscribe to their software support for about $149 a year, which turned out not a ‘free’ stuff at all. But I believe developers will have no problem with the annual price if they are serious about developing games for this next gen Android game console.

As for the retail pricing for this console, the company has set it to $249 when it’s available later in this Fall season.

[Engadget via TechFever]

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