Faux Backyard Stepping Stones That Shines


I would love to have something like this on my backyard. Oh well, I don’t have a home with backyard anyway. But if you do, this type of ‘decoration’ should be considered into your next DIY project to make your beautiful garden. It’s been said that the above faux backyard stepping stone that lit from within is inspired by Michael Jackson’s music video titled Billie Jean, I’m sure it’s one and the designer Roberto Paoli has done a magnificent jobs offering amazing stone tiles design for the garden/backyard.

However, even it’s inspired, it doesn’t mean it’s identical. The stepping stone won’t light up when you step or dance on it. It’s just a static lighting that has no pressure or motion sensor installed.


However, I’m pretty much sold by the soothing effects that the glowing stepping stone can delivers. Especially if you put it around your house’s garden backyard and tile it like the picture above. Even more idea, if you are romantic enough, you might be able to ‘dress’ them in pink/red color and invite your girlfriend to have your very best valentine’s day there!

From the source, we have come to know that this Glowing Stepping stone is available for purchase on Serralunga. However, I’m not sure if you can find them as I’ve dug through their website and have no luck with it. Of course, that’s also indicate that I don’t really know what pricing per glowing stepping stone they are selling.

Hopefully, it won’t cost a fortune to decorate a garden.

[via BallerHouse]

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