Kogeto Dot 360-Degree Panoramic Lens For iPhone

Those who love to play around with their iPhone’s camera might want to check this out. Unlike the Microscopic lens, this Kogeto Dot 360-degree panoramic lens will let you observes the world in full circle and snap the amazing panorama view like taking normal photograph with your iPhone.


The lens along might not that surprising, but what has become the stuff that does the magic on Kogeto Dot is the ability to linked together the video taken by two iPhones (with Kogeto Dot lens installed) or more that is on the same location. That’s mean you can capture wider and each of every corner of the area. It’s especially good to record friends in a birthday party. Linked together with your friends iPhones and you can do your little fun quest to make a full panoramic documentation of your friend’s birthday and present him/her a gift that he will never forget.


Kogeto Dot 360-degree panoramic lens is available for $100 (pre-order), if you are interested, you can find more details at Kogeto Website.

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