Oh! A Lego Wall! I Would Die For It If I’m 10-Year Old

My favorite toy when I was 10-12 is LEGO system. I believe most of kids love them as well as it’s very fun to play with. However, we need a lot of space to build something big, and sometimes the lego bricks is scattering around the floor which had made some sort of ‘foot trap’ for the adult who walks blindly across my personal ‘play zone’. It’s fun to think about it, but to prevent our kids to set the similar trap for ourselves, I guess this ‘Lego Wall’ might be a nice solution.


It looks amazing, isn’t it?! If I’m 10-year old, I would die for this kind of wall. This kind of lego wall (decals?) can make my imagination even wilder than on the floor. According to Charlie Sorrel from Wired Gadget Lab, This Lego wall is found on some place called Cafe Boo Bah, which is a restaurant in Brooklyn.

I’m not sure if the restaurant is open for kids or not, but it certainly have its own uniqueness to share. If my kids are too naughty when having lunch, I can just bring them here to play with the Lego wall and I’ll eat my meal peacefully. At the same time, instead of playing some useless toys in the play zone, my kids can sharpening their minds, too! Excellent!

[via Ohgizmo]

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