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People who work in the document department are an avid document destruction artists as they are often to destroy, or the much better vocab to use – shredding papers more than anyone in the company. If you are by chance, working in this environment, you might have brought one of the paper shredding habits back you your home and obviously you’ll face yourself with your own paper shredder machine that will take care of your own document destruction tasks.

Well, we are not taking about the big size paper shredders that will cost thousands here. I do hope that someone will not make such a heavy investment for their home usage, because there are lots of paper shredder that cost lower than hundred bucks that will do its jobs well.


As for as paper shredder, recently Designboom has announced one cool design called “Bridge” from one tenth (warning, this flash site is kind of annoying), which is a kind of portable paper shredder. If you have been dreaming for a portable, compact and easy document shredder, this shredder Bridge might a perfect match for you.

Paper shredder Bridge has a narrowing body where you can use it on different sizes of rubbish bin as a sort of ‘bridge’, like the above image suggested. Simply put into at the top of the rubbish bin, push a button and insert a paper to destroy. no need to hand crank or hamster laboring to get the jobs done. I notice this shredder bridge is kind of fun with the nice little icons above the shredder’s mouth that gives warning to not inserting any neckties, paperclips, gloves or name tag.


Beside the portability, Bridge paper shredder has another beautiful feature. Instead of having annoying long power cord linking to the AC outlet, this Bridge is self-powered with four batteries. Cableless, cable hassle-free means better room arrangement because you don’t really have to keep the paper shredder near the outlet power all the time.

Of course, in term of power, I believe this Bridge paper shredder is not as fast and powerful as the corded model. But think about the portability and convenience alone has worth the little wait when shredding papers (unless you have bunch of them in the queue!).


Sadly, even it’s a 2010 product design, there is no news when/where we can get it online. The status marked on one tenth website is “coming soon”, but how long exactly we have to wait is still a question.

[one Tenth(crowded Flash website) via DesignBoom]

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