Sony Slates New Surround Sound PS3 Headset

Avid PSN players on PS3 console might love this new official product from Sony. It’s a new PS3 headset for your gaming needs, especially good for getting the most out of the blasting and kabooming effects in your games, while you can chat with your friends loud and clear sound quality. This new PS3 headset is coming with a 7.1 virtual surround sound, retractable microphone and a special feature where you can view the battery and sound control status on-screen.


If you need me to be honest, I would say that I’m rather interested with this headset as it looks pretty decent. Well, despite of its “chubby” headband, of course.

As the matter of fact, a common PS3 headset is actually quite there in delivering what you need for online gaming. But if you are looking for more thrills and fun, this new wireless PS3 headset is definitely a gadget that worth a second look.

As far as the wireless technology, no, it’s not a bluetooth headset by any mean. Sony uses a USB dongle (2.4GHz – 10 meters range) that you need to attached to your PS3 before it can work. However, Sony promises that the headset will have “the highest quality voice chat for crystal clear conversations.”

Well, if you are phat PS3 owner, you might have no problem at all since it have 4 USB ports. But PS3 slim owner might clearly feel the disadvantage here as the 2-port setting is really insufficient by all mean. Especially when users are lazy to unplugged their PS Eye, cooling fan or direct USB cable for recharging controllers. That’s why you should invest some bucks to get a USB hub if your are the Slim owner.

Nuff said, this Sony PS3 Headset is going to cost $99.99 and will go on sale in this September 2011. Still a long wait if you are drooling for it now…

[via PlayStation US Blog]

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