Spiked Koopa Shell Backpacks From MadPax

Even the company MadPax didn’t mention anything about Mario Bros and Bowser, we are sure that most of us who’ve ever played Mario game series should immediately identify this so called Reptilian as the koopa shell that Bowser is wearing the entire time. It’s spiky as hell, like durian fruit, but no, this MadPax backpack won’t make your hands bleeding when wearing them.


This Reptilian MadPax backpack is not only spiky, it has also got a kind of crocodile skin treatment on the entire rear surface, including the straps. MadPax said this backpack is made for the punk, but I would rather said it’s made for the evil Bowser worshipers. There are four size of Reptilian Mad Pax backpacks, which run from the smallest “Mighty Bite” that cost $15 each to the big 17-inch x 12-inch x 9-inch full size that cost $60 each. If you are willing to look like a Bowser, you can get one at Madpax link.

[via Technabob, GeekAlerts]

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