Arrow Revolution TouchScreen Deadbolt

Whenever you want to leave your home for a long vacation or out to the beach to have fun with the summer days, there is always a kind of worry that whether if you have properly lock your door or not, or you might even afraid of losing the key. To troubleshoot this, if you are willing to spend a little of your money to get a special deadbolt, then you might be able to have your fun out there in worry-free condition.

arrow-revolution-electronic-touchscreen-deadboltThe we have posted some of them in here, like the bio-matic door lock, or any other variation that you can find in our Door Locks collection. Of course, the invention didn’t stop there. The latest offering of better deadbolt has been released by Arrow Revolution with their Touchscreen Deadbolt.

This deadbolt is completely electronic, has modern style touchscreen display where you can interact with the number to open the lock. What’s cool is that this Arrow Revolution Touchscreen deadbolt is capable of recognizing voices in English, Spanish and French. Plus, if your door are not fully covered from rain, Arrow Revolution touchscreen deadbolt is weather-resistant although it’s an electronic.

The most important thing to consider when getting an electronic deadbolt is whether if there is an alternative solution to open the door when the battery run out. Well, eventually any battery will run out and leaving you no choice but the open the door in manual way. The battery in Arrow Revolution Touchscreen deadbolt could resist up to 1 year long, which is not too shabby. But in case anything happen, there is a key override option for emergency condition.

This Arrow Revolution Touchscreen deadbolt is reported to be available in July 2011 for $250.

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