The Smartphone in Tablet – ASUS Padfone Officially Released

If you have been using both smartphone and tablet for your work, chance are, you might have thought that it would be great if you can have both of them carried in one piece where you don’t have to get a separated case or bag to touted them. ASUS offered such a solution and it’s been officially released as the name of Padfone.


Generally speaking, ASUS Padfone is a tablet with slot where you can fit in another ASUS phone for hybrid purpose. The phone will be docked at the rear side of the tablet, and it’s protected with a special case that has a small opening for the camera lens to work.

According to what we have read in our source, This ASUS Padfone is two individual devices that could be used separately. However, they can super-charged each other when docked together, like the smartphone will provide dedicated rear facing camera for the tablet for video recording. However, as far as how these two devices can super-charged each other in term of performance, we don’t have a clue yet.


ASUS haven’t released the exact specifications for both devices yet, and how they are going to work on each other is still a mystery. We do hope that the hybrid mode could at least double up the overall performance. But it should be about the phone to provide the 3G/4G functionality while the tablet itself is purely an offline-mode tablet.


As far as the screen size, ASUS Padfone tablet is having 10-inch display and the smartphone is having 4-inch display. It’s such a waste that you can’t really enjoy extra screen when they are on the hybrid-mode and the smartphone is completely hidden inside the tablet.

We will keep you posted once we have got enough information from ASUS.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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