Alarm Clock That Shreds Your Bills If You Fail To Turn It Off!


It might be a little risky, but it’s a good way to wake your up in the morning. This new money shredding alarm clock will be the best alarm clock for the sleepy heads who valued money more than their life. Of course, it might sounds crazy to shred a money if failed to wake up and turn off the alarm. But it’s a nice motivation (in a sadistic way) to encourage a lazy cheapskate to wake up on time.


Wake up, or you’ll lose your money and your job. Oh well, just thinking about it has freaked me. But if it’s about losing job, then I’ll really want to have a bet on it to train myself to wake up on time or earlier. This Money Shredding Alarm clock concept is a neat idea, but since it’s a concept, I have no idea if it would be made into a real product or not.

[via AcidCow via Geeky Gadgets, SlipperyBrick and TechChee]

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