Dry-All Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit

Even if you’ve been so careful in taking care of your smartphone, there is always a time when we are forced to away from the smartphone, leaving it in a dangerous state where anyone (including a toddler) to unintentionally dip it into the glass of water or basin to play around. Well, you can’t really scold your toddler anyway, can you? When that happened, you don’t need to frantically going crazy and shouting around that your smartphone has been sent to met its Creator.


Now we have the WET Cellular Phone EMERGENCY Kit from Dry-All that will guarantee you that your wet smartphone is still recoverable. So just don’t lose faith if your phone is taking its good time dipping underwater.

Dry-All Cellular PHone Emergency Kit is a kind of enclosed humidity absorption system that will suck out all water and keep the phone to 0% humidity. Watch the following video for more details:

Dry-All Smartphone Emergency Kit

  • Dries all phones to 0% humidity.
  • Recovers wet Smartphones in as little as 6 hours.
  • Use up to 5X’s for thousands in savings.
  • Dries phones that have been submerged Easy to use!
  • Dries using DRY-ALLs proprietary Blue Bead Technology™.
  • DRY-ALLs patent pending absorption chamber.
  • Guaranteed to dry all wet smart phones.

Dry-ALl Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit is not only available for smartphone, it’s also available for ordinary cell phone, and a tablet device as well.

The price for each types are different. The smartphone version is the most expensive one at $46, while tablet Kit is lower at $435 and cellular phone kit is the cheapest of all at $17.

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