Samsung Galaxy S II Is Selling Like Hot Cakes In South Korea

Recently, Samsung has released a great news about their sales record of their newest smartphone – the Galaxy S II Android phone. It seems the company has managed to sold over 1 million of Galaxy S II in South Korea alone in just about 1 month from the launching day.


The strong signal has been so strong in the first week, and the time taken to reach 1 million sales is about the half of time of Galaxy S I. Perhaps it’s one of the fact that Samsung is South Korea’s local product that make the sales booming. Even after comparing with iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S II has a better sales performance without excessive promotion like Apple’s.

If it’s branding problem, it’s clearly that Apple iPhone 4 should be the winner. But we are sure Samsung have their local benefits where the citizen would love to buy their own country’s brand instead of getting from others. Well, it’s clearly my own random rants, so don’t take it seriously :)

As for the fans in US that has waited for this second generation of Galaxy S, there is no details yet when Samsung will launch it in the States or elsewhere beside South Korea. But there is an expectation that users in US will be able to get their share in this Summer season.

[via Coated][Image: Samsung]

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