TransPhone – Potential PadFone Rival That Merges Phone and Tablet Together

I’m still not sure how this stuff works and how useful it is when merging both phone and tablet together. One obvious benefit that we have mention in the ASUS PadFone article is that the tablet will get a rear facing camera where the device is lacked of. But apart from that, It seems it’s just a tablet that touted a phone at the rear side and nothing more than that.

After ASUS Padfone appeared, a company called CMIT has also rolling out their own phone tablet hybrid system called Transphone that sounds like a Transformers Phone. Well, we can call with anything we like because there is no fixed slogan to call it anyway.


CMIT showing off this Transphone in Computex this week, and the device works just like ASUS Padfone, Tablet at the front, smartphone at the rear. Or you can think it like a mother kangaroo with its beloved kiddo kangaroo nested in the pocket.

Well, unlike ASUS padfone, there is no sort of pocket for the smartphone on Transphone. The smartphone will be slide-in to the provided dock at the rear of the tablet, and suppose it could also provide a 3G connectivity to the smartphone beside giving more eye (camera) to see the world.


Specification wise, CMIT Transphone tablet has been installed with 1.2GHz Qualcomm Dual core processor, running Android (unconfirmed yet) and has USB 2.0, HDMI and a VGA display. No idea yet on how large the screen size on the tablet and smartphone. More information will be revealed later in this year, but I do hope it’s only a prototype as it looks somehow edgy when comparing to ASUS Padfone.

[Engadget via GadgetVenue]

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