Another Interesting iPod Nano 6G Watch Band From HEX

HEX is releasing their new iPod Nano 6G watch bands called with the name of “HEX Vision Metal”. As the name suggested, this HEX Vision Metal iPod Nano 6G Watchband is made with metal material, preferably a stainless steel watch band that show you all of its metallic silver chrome style.


Unlike the previous watch band for iPod Nano 6G, this HEX Vision Metal will transform the iPod Nano 6G into a luxurious watch, like the one that you will fork out about $200+ to get one. The watch band is fully coated with high grade coating that will increase its durability and lifespan. Vision Metal also featuring easy clip-in clip-out design to make installing the watch band to ipod nano 6g a breeze.

Often you would love to have a different style of a watch that suit your personality. Luckily, HEX has added two common style of watch to their Vision Metal iPod Nano 6G watch band. You can choose either the gun metal version or silver, or get two of them if you love both of the watch band.


Each HEX Vision Metal iPod Nano 6G watch band has been priced for $69.95 USD, if you are interested you can pre-order them right now at HEX Vision Metal official website.

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