iPhone 4 Dock Fan


Instead of introducing a new iPhone dock that could recharge the battery of iPhone 4, GeekStuff4U has imported a fun but vampire gadget that will suck the battery life out of your iPhone 4. Well, if you are worrying that this summer is extremely hot, I’m sure that you might find this “iPhone 4 Dock Fan” useful even it will use the battery of your iPhone 4.


This wonderful gadget finally solved the mystery of how to make an iPhone even cooler!

Compatible with most iPhone cases, this is the unavoidable accessory for the summer. Enjoy as your iPhone blows a fresh breeze towards you, or use it to mechanically cut very soft things (it should work with a banana…)

The choice is yours!


This little fan is only 17g in weight, measures at just 82 x 29 x 13mm only. It has two directions where you can face it upward or to the side. Either sides will work properly giving you a breeze winds to cool down your hot head in this summer time.

iPhone dock fan is priced at 2,980 Yen, or equal to $36.95 USD. If you would love to get one, ask GeekStuff4U to import it for you.

[via GadgetsIn]

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