Verbatim Europe Unveils New SATA II Solid State Drives

Whenever I talk about SSD, I’ve always had in mind that “Urgh, yet another expensive storage solution!”. Well, can’t help it because they are expensive by all mean when comparing to the oldie but still goodie hard drive. But the plus point is that, SSD performs much faster than HDD and it’s one of the reason why they are expensive.

If you have got some money in your saving account, it’s advisable to get a SSD instead of HDD because they are reliable, shockproof by all mean (unless you hammer it down) and you can even shake it around when it’s operating. HDD? it’s long gone to meet its Creator if you do something like that. :)


Recently, Verbatim Europe has just taken a firm step to launch their new SATA II SSDs for their local market. You know, Verbatim is an old player in storage market. They should have something interested if it’s about storage solution. Their new SATA II solid state drive is going to packed with three sizes, including 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. All of them share the same performance at 250Mbps (reading) and 220Mbps (writing) using SATA II 3.0Gbps interface. On this level, you should be able to transfer a DVD content in the matter of seconds.

Similar to Samsung SSDs, Verbatim SSDs are also coming with durable aluminum casing, finished with silver metal brush. There are certainly worth the investment if you are talking about stylish and reliable storage solution.

Pricing matter, obviously, the 64GB is the cheapest of all that worth about US$185 after conversion. Follow up by 128GB model that cost US$342, and 256GB that cost about $675 after converting from Euro to US dollar.

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