Clock-O Wall Clock Concept By Raunak Narang Is An Identity Disc?

I should answer the question myself. No, you are not looking at an Identity Disc from Tron Legacy. Instead, it’s a new clock concept designed by Raunak Narang that supposed to be inspired by the Identity Disc itself when he was designing this Clock-O wall clock.


Clock-O wall clock is very chic and sexy for modern home. The reason is because this Clock-O wall clock is created with black piano surface finish, along with the two digital hands that show time with lines illuminations.


Obviously, this Clock-O wall concept is using LED based illumination for the best performance and battery longevity. The Clock-O wall clock itself is actually containing 4 layers of components in order to work. Like the picture shown above, the glossy surface is actually using a transparent (but with dark shade) polycarbonate shell. Follow up with the second layer with mini slots where the light from layer 3 can pass through. Finally, it’s then enclosed with another final layer to support the rear side.

The beauty of Clock-O wall concept is of course, the sexy and simple design of the circular clock. There is no need to have number on a clock anyway as we have been accustomed to the position and could tell time even without the numbers decorating the clock.

[via YankoDesign]

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