Crux Loaded Keyboard Case For iPad 2 With Amazing Features

Instead of updating their Crux360 keyboard case for iPad 2, Crux case has introduced a new line called Crux Loaded clamshell keyboard case that has some special unfound features on Crux360.


This Crux Loaded is fully compatible with iPad 2 all models (16GB, 32GB and 64GB), and it has come with its dedicated remote-bluetooth trackpad to help you have more fun with your iPad 2. Of course, that feature alone is not enough. Crux case has also thrown in a built-in Li-ion battery right under the trackpad to double up your iPad 2 battery life!


What else could you ask?! You can even operate through your iPad 2 without even touch the screen if you like. It’s really a solution to turn a tablet into a netbook. Of course, if you are looking for the convertible screen model like Crux360, this Crux Loaded is not for you. I’m not sure if it’s important anyway as you can remove the iPad easily from the keyboard case for tablet interface. But if you insist, you might want to get this convertible keyboard case instead.

As for this Crux Loaded, currently you can get it for $249 a pop. Yep, it’s expensive and it’s about half the price of an iPad 2 smallest model. But if you rethink the benefits that you can enjoy (the wireless trackpad, the keyboard, the battery!), I would say this keyboard case worth the price.


[via CruxCase]

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