Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender Unleashed Quietly


Electrolux has just unveiled their latest Powermix Silent blender that said to be able to work under a low noise condition and won’t disturb somebody else. Well, how is that possible?!

“Be quiet! don’t use your blender in the early morning because it would disturb your brother/kids/nephew’s sleep!” That’s the exact sentence that my mom will soft-whispered to my ear when I’m trying to make a morning healthy juice with my ordinary blender. Well, can’t help it because I wake up earlier than anyone in my house. Also, there is no way to suppress the noisy sounds of blender when the device is crunching on the carrot, potato or something else that tough enough. I never believe that a blender will be so quite that it won’t make any “obvious” noise to wake someone up. That’s why when I read about this news, I’ll never believe it unless I’ve tried it myself. :)

According to Electrolux, their Powermix silent is capable of working 10 times quieter than an average blender, which usually produces noises equal to a motorcycle machine. Also, Powermix Silent is using a blade that could create a Vortex Force to make sure all vegetables, fruits or food that you throw in will be blended well.

Electrolux has published an interesting promotional video which you can take a look below:

Looks extremely convenient, huh? If I can have this Powermix Silent blender for my kitchen, no more soft whispers would be heard each morning! :)

This electrolux Powermix Silent blender is not yet available in the store. However, If you need further information, you can take a look at their official site. Hopefully, this silent blender won’t cost us much!

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  • Amazon sells it!

  • Yes, it’s available at Amazon.co.uk under a different brand call AEG. When you do a search with “Electrolux Powermix Silent Blender” in the search bar, you’ll get this item listed in the result. However, I have no idea when USA market will get this item as this product is kind of the exclusive one for Europe market…

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