Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD Webcam Makes Video Chat Even Better


In case you are not satisfied with your laptop’s built-in crappy webcam, there are more than enough solution to get a better video chatting sessions with your friends. I’ve highlighted some of them in the past, like the HD webcam from logitech that have done a great job to display high resolution video chat with friends or family. This time, Creative has managed to offer something even better than the HD webcam. Introducing the Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD webcam, a webcam that is more than just a high definition webcam.

Based on the specs list, Creative have thrown in a quad mic array in this flat-face HD webcam to ensure that not only the video quality is awesome, the audio is also better than ever. The microphones are also featuring crystal-clear voice, noise-cancelling option to eliminate ambient noise and increase the clarity of spoken words.

Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD webcam has an integrated H.264 video encoder processor with fastest video frame rate and cut down any obvious choppy video session. Well, of course there is lag if you are using a slow Internet connection. You just have to make sure that your home has a fast internet connection before you get this HD webcam.

Creative Live! Cam inPerson HD webcam will be available soon for $149.99 directly on Creative website.

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