iShuttr iPhone 4 Camera Accessory Case Add LED Flash To The Camera

For those who love to take picture, the most lacking feature in iPhone 4 is there is no LED flash or blitz light to take photo in dark area. But worry no more as we can have the iSuttr camera accessory case to troubleshoot this problem. iShuttr is a new iPhone case (not really a case anyway) that has featured a physical button and LED flash to your iPhone 4. It will turn your iPhone into a digital camera install by just installing the case to the rear side of your iPhone 4.


Plus, notice that the case is a little bit thicker side where inside hidden a rechargeable battery that could be recharged via USB. Also, just like a real digital camera, iShuttr provides a built-in tripod mount where you can fit in any ordinary tripod stand.

Looks like a cool case for our iPhone 4, huh? Well, indeed it’s cool. But sadly, you won’t be able to get it any sooner, or at least before the company successfully collect $50,000 fund for the production. Well, if you really want one, you can pledge and help them in their Kickstarter project. Over 60 persons has pledged over this project, so if you have a leftover fund, you can support them too.

[via SlashGear]

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