Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Keyboard Offers 128-Bit Encryption

With the hacker in the neighborhood getting smarter and smarter, it’s very crucial for you to have any sort of encryption for your devices, especially the wireless one. Wireless LAN, wireless router, wireless phone, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and so on. Hacker won’t attack your wireless mouse, but they will hack into your wireless LAN, router, phone or keyboard to know what you are doing, especially what you are typing. Is there any password input? credit card information to steal? or secret code to your bank vault? anything!

To solve this problem, almost all of the wireless device has been secured with built-in encryption. But not on a wireless keyboard where the data could be easily intercepted and deciphered through the thin air. Although there is some sort of software that come along with the wireless keyboard you’ve purchased, the encryption is done on the software side, after the key has been input and transferred to the computer. This still allow hacker to grab the data in the middle of the way.


To troubleshoot this, Microsoft has introduced their Wireless Desktop 2000 series wireless keyboard that is claimed to be the first wireless keyboard that comes with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit Encryption key. This should be the encryption on the hardware side, where every key stroke is properly encrypted before sending out the signal. AES 128-bit is also the same trusted technology and used by the U.S. government to secure most of their wireless connection. That means if you are using Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 series Keyboard, you are equal to using a solid secured keyboard for all of your keystrokes.

Along with the keyboard, Microsoft also pair it up with Wireless Mouse 2000 that has a nice side grips and comfortable design for both lefty or righty. In one set, Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 will be sold for $39.95 when it has hit the store. I’m going to get mine if there is a comfort curves series for this encrypted keyboard.

[via Microsoft]

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