Amp Pillow For The Rocker Soul That Refuse To Sleep Silently

No idea if rockers will dream about having their rockin’ concert or not. If they do, this Amp Pillow might be good for them.


No, it won’t do anything at all. It’s just a pillow anyway! But like the picture suggested, Amp Pillow has a decent rocker taste and those who love playing with their electric guitar will love this kind of stuff in their bed.

It styled like a real amp, including all the buttons and dials. While I’m not really understand the rock itself, but I’m sure this type of same themed pillow will let rocker have a nice good sleep after their concert.

This Amp Pillow is currently retailing for $29.99 at Meninos. Get one if you are a rocker, or as a gift for friends in a rock band.

[via Chipchick]

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