Pixel Qi Developing Solar Panel For Tablets

Tablets are good because they are extremely portable. Like a cell phone, we tend to bring it with us wherever we go and love to use it in the spare time like waiting in the queue, in the bus or train station. It’s super convenient, but it did come with one disadvantage. If you have one, you might have known that you will not want to play with it once you are in the street with bright sun light. The display become way too blur to see anything. Unless you’ve got a tablet like the one that use Pixel Qi display (I mean the Notion Ink Adam), you will have trouble navigating the item in your tablet.


Now, a Solar panel charger for a tablet might sounds good, but again, if the display is not sunlight-readable, it’s kind of useless anyway. Perhaps Pixel Qi is trying to motivate manufacturers to use their display technology, as recently they’ve developed a kind of solar accessory for tablet device. It’s a mini solar panel that tablet user can stick it to the rear side of a tablet, or even the bezel if it’s wide enough to draw power from the sun.

This Pixel Qi solar panel can generate up to 1W of power, can suitable for tablet that consumes 1W or less. But as far as what I’ve come to known, no popular or branded tablets consume power that less yet (let me know if I’m wrong!). It may suggested that the solar panel is only made for the company who uses Pixel Qi display that proved to consume less power while still providing sunlight readable feature. Will there be any solar solution that could generate higher wattage? Probably, but it seems Pixel Qi’s solar panel won’t do that for now.

IMHO, for a user like me, I wouldn’t want to let my tablet out for its sun-bathing. Reason? I don’t want it to have any kind of “Overheating” syndrome and I would treasure it like my baby. You know, all electronics are prone to heat and I don’t want mine to have a short-live. :)

I would be more interested if there is a kind of external solar panel for my tablet. That way I can hide the tablet in the bag, away from the direct sun’s heat while I can still charge the tablet properly.

Anyway, hit the play button below to watch the details on Pixel Qi’s Solar panel:

[via UberGizmo, TheCoolGadgets]

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