Polar RCX5 – More Than Just A Heart Rate Monitor

Polar USA, the company who have been working on their heard rate monitor for long has finally unveiled a better system for our workout routine. Known as Polar RCX5, this gadget is more than just a heard rate monitor for your wrist. In fact, the company has turned it into your new personal training computer that has been designed for athletes or wannabes.


Polar RCX5 has the most advanced training intelligence and tracking capabilities, and the company even go further throwing in a couple of new accessories (like heart rate transmitter and speed sensor) to increase the accuracy of the tracking system.

Video details of Polar RCX5 on the video demo after the jump

There is a G5 GPS sensor inside Polar RCX5 training computer that could measure both speed/pace and distance. It also provides online map view of training, and WearLink+ Hybrid transmitter that could detect your heart rate data even when you are swimming or diving underwater.

Polar RCX5 Training Computer will be shipped in July in several different models, including RCX5 Bike ($389.95), RCX5 Run ($419.95), RCX5 Multi (469.95) and RCX5 Basic Set ($349.95). The difference between those models are on the type of transmitter they get and what kind of sensor they’ll be paired up.

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