Ten One Design Fling mini Joysticks for Mobile Devices

Gaming on a mobile phone like iPhone is pretty interesting, but it’s lack of the tactile feedback to make like you are really pushing buttons, not tapping on the flat surface. There are several solution offered by company that produces gaming accessories, but this latest one from Ten One Design looks very promising.


It’s called Fling Mini Joystick designed exclusively for mobile phone (like iPhone) and it can be used on tablet devices, too. These mini controllers are coming in a pair, and could be install and remove easily to the touchscreen surface. Fling Mini joysticks offered two suction cups that you can use it to stick on the bezel of your tablet or smartphone. It can be readjust easily without scratching the surface since the fling mini joystick is made of silicone material.


Fling mini conquers your phone
Fling mini is a pair of joysticks for iPhone, iPod touch, or Android devices. It gives you controls you can touch for any game that has an on-screen joystick.

Fling mini’s patent pending design gives your games a true analog stick feel. They come as a pair, for maximum compatibility with all games.

Compatible with hundreds of great games
Many developers have optimized their game for Fling mini, so you won’t have any trouble finding Fling mini compatible apps. Anything with a virtual joystick on-screen will work.

Fling mini will increase your skill
iPhone gaming is all about precision maneuvering, and Fling mini gives you this crucial advantage.

As you control a game with Fling mini, it pushes gently back towards the center position. This haptic feedback guides and stabilizes your gameplay, making every action more accurate.

Fling Mini Joystick is currently available for pre-order for $24.95 and will be shipped by July 15. If you are asking me about the downside, I would say that the button is large enough to block the screen. But if you are fine with that, you can proceed to the pre-order page. :)

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