Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel for the Racing Game

If you have been wondering what’s Microsoft has to offer on gaming in the upcoming months, I would say: A lot! The E3 expo have driven lots of game company, which including Microsoft to unveils their next new shiny toys and features for gamers. This has included the new Kinect interaction with XBOX Live, new Xbox 360 Slim Gear of War 3 version, new cloud server, and this new wonder wheel called Wireless Speed Wheel.


As the name suggested, this new Microsoft Xbox 360 controller is made for racing game, and will work flawlessly with Forza 4. From the appearance, it looks like a high end motion controller, or like an advanced version of Nintendo Wiimote plastic wheel housing. However, Kotaku said that there is no indication that this Wireless Speed wheel has the motion tracking system installed inside.


The controller itself has come complete with the haptic feedback D-pad, ABXY buttons and trigger buttons for gas and brake. There is also a green band of lights that should provide a nice turning visual feedback. To the middle there is on/off button accompanied with start and back button in circular shape. The back Xbox 360 controller layout is not really change much after all. Which mean you can still use this controller for other games, even it’s released prior to Forza 4.

This Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel is going to release on October 2011 for $60, which is just in time for the Forza 4 game.

[via Kotaku, Ohgizmo, Coolest Gadgets]

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