Motorola Xoom Overclocked – Reaching New Height At 1.7GHz!

Just about 3 months parting from the first overclock, Motorola XOOM has reached a new ground level where it can actually operate at a blazing fast 1.7GHz! I supposed Motorola XOOM Android tablet is the first tablet to get that fast. The overclocking was done by a group of passionate XOOM lovers/homebrewers who’ve done their best at creating their own apps for this device. They are keen enough to even looking under the hood to find ways to optimize and leverage the tablet performance.


At this level of performance, Motorola XOOM is reported to be able to get Quadrant scores of 5,000, 70 MFLOPS in Linpack and 1480ms runs in SunSpider. Of course, since the tablet is running way over the default manufacturer’s specification, this overclocked Motorola XOOM is definitely on the dangerous state where it can toast itself.

According to XDA-developers forum, not all XOOM is capable of getting to this level. Only some of the most ‘fortunate’ build could reach this high without having problem like self-rebooting.

[via Ubergizmo]

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