Plugy Headphone Jack Accessories

Never thought a Jack port could have its own accessories, huh? Well, if you are the type that love to have fun with your belongings, you might like this Plugy Headphone Jack accessories.


Plugy headphone jack accessory will add a fun looking object to your smartphones or iPhone. Obviously, the purpose of this accessory is to make your phone looks more fun, but the accessory itself can’t do anything else but get stuck in the audio jack port.

If you have been purchasing lots of cases or sleeve to decorate your smartphones, I guess Plugy headphone jack accessory is good for your styling. There are 6 different designs that you can choose from, including the cute mushroom, winding key, a Key, branch with leaf, a bolt, and a water faucet.

Plugy Headphone Jack Accessories

Put Plugys into your smartphone, music player or anything with an earphone jack to give it an interest and unique new look! Give your smartphone the look of an apple or a clock! Let the fun begin!! It’s also useful, it prevents dirt from getting into the earphone jack!

If you are interested, you can grab one of those for 400 Yen or equal to $4.9 at Strapya World.

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