PlayStation NGP Is Now Called PS Vita – New Vitamin for Gamers?

I’m pretty adopted to the name of NGP since the first release of news regarding the nextgen PSP. It’s first called PSP2, but later changed into NGP (NextGenPortable), and perhaps Sony feel something wrong with the name so they’ve change it again to PS Vita.


Yep, this time is the real official name that they have set in concrete. I do hope that Sony would come up with a better name because Vita is sounds like Vitamin or something supplementary. I do eat vitamin, but eating food properly is sufficient, anyway. :)

Well, back to the Vita. Sony PS Vita will be available in two models. Like a cell phone, PS Vita will come in WiFi-only and WiFi + 3G models. According to our source, AT&T will be getting a good deal for selling this new portable console that doubled as a 3G smartphone. However, the details of the deal is still sketchy at the moment. Will there any subsidize for the console? Is there any contract that you should sign up before getting the console?

You know, buying game console and need to sign up a contract is kind of discouraging. Unless you are going to get the WiFi-only model, it seems there is some sort of string attach to those who prefer to get the 3G model. As for the pricing, WIFI-only model is priced at $249.99 only, while the WiFi/3G model is $50 higher at $299.99 (unsubsidized). Let’s hope AT&T will have a good deal for it. If I can grab one for just $9.99 with two-year contract, I’ll sign up even it’s disturbing. :)

[Playstation Blog via Coated]

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