Replay XD1080 Action Camera

A company called Replay has just rolled out their new action camera for sport usage. Dubbed as Replay XD1080, this action camera is not only small in dimension, it’s also tough for extreme sport environments. Like the name suggested, Replay XD1080 has supported 1080p recording, which mean you can record every of your movement in high definition quality.


Replay XD1080 Action camera is suitable for those who want to record their sport session and upload it to Youtube for sharing. It could fit into helmets, skateboards, your clothes, or mount it on your sport car, motorbike or even speed boat. This little XD1080 action camera is water resistant and can survive from spills and crashes to the body.

Specification wise, Replay XD1080 Action Camera is capable of recording at 30 fps in 1080p resolution, up to 60fps while in 720p mode. It has 135-inch degree viewing field, can take photo in time-lapse mode (3, 5, 15, 30-second intervals) and there are various kind of mount come along within the package. Sadly, the price of this Replay XD1080 Action camera is still unknown. Probably would cost more than $200 because the current Replay XD camera is $180.

[via SlashGear]

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