Tidy Up Your Game Sensors With dreamGEAR TriMount

If you are a lucky gamer who’ve got all of the game consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii) as well as their sensors (PS Eye, Kinect and Sensor Bar), you might have problem with the arrangement of the sensors in front of your big screen TV. I do have two of them, but I can still place it one at the top (PS Eye) and one at the lower side (Wii sensor bar). But if I’m going to get a Kinect too, then the place would be a mess unless I can find a place to put the sensor bar away without disturbing the game play. To solution for those who’ve got themselves the three sensors is to get this dreamGEAR TriMount.


So the picture above is pretty self-explanatory. Put Kinect at the top, PS Eye on the middle and stuff that little long sensor bar beneath them. Result? you have a clean and tidy entertainment space without the sensor (and cables) tangling each other!

Even better, dreamGEAR TriMount is coming with a mount system where you can attached it easily to your HDTV, or you can also mount it to the wall for more stability.

“It’s perfect for avid gamers who have more than one of these popular gaming systems. This specialized mount includes an adjustable screw that allows it to fit most flat paneled TVs, and also features an optional wall mount to allow maximum flexibility to stay organized in your gaming domain.”

For just $30, dreamGEAR TriMount can solve your sensor placement problem and that I guess is worth it. No need to move the sensor here and there when switching from console to console. no more messy cables (from the sensors) and you can definitely have more clean and tidy gaming environment. Well, unless you are not that tidy-type.

[via GeekyGadgets]

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