Twig Pod – MonoPod That Stands On One Leg


I often hear about tripod for digital camera, but haven’t heard any MonoPod that has only one leg for standing while it still can support the camera for self-portrait or anything else. Yep, this is supposed to be the first tripod that has one leg. It’s called Twig Pod, that has its single leg folded into several section when in storage mode. Once unfolded and properly set up, Twig Pod is capable of providing 25-inch height where your camera can stand still. If you think Tripod is too bulky for you, this Twig Pod is definitely a solution that you can consider!

So how this Twig Pod stand on the ground firmly? Well, there is a spiky end that you can stuck it into the soil, but I doubt if you can stuck it into any asphalt road to take picture. That’s the downside, probably. So you have to find place where you can jab in like using a spear. However, it is still a nice piece of monopod that you can bring if you are going to a jungle exploration, or even desert exploration because you can easily find place to use this Twig Pod.

[via Wired]

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