TRAMP-It Jump Shoes Let You Jump Higher Than Ever

Still looking at your childhood fantasy of owning a spring-equipped shoes where you can jump higher than anyone? Well, look no further because this type of shoes has been made available, not just a dream in the TV show anymore!


Yep, this is the TRAMP-IT Jump shoes that will definitely help you score some slam dunk even if you have never touch the ring in your life (except if you are really short… sorry), or never reach 2 meters in high jump or anything else. TRAMP-It Jump shoes are adjustable by its nature. You can adjust from two modes between walking and running. Of course, since the base of the TRAMP-It jump shoes is narrow, you might eventually falling down like a toddler learning to walk if you’ve no sense of balancing. But once you’ve overcome the obstacle, TRAMP-It Jump shoes should be a nice and fun shoes that could strengthening your leg muscles and improving balance.

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes Features:

  • The trampoline under your feet
  • Adjustable spring adapts to the body weight
  • Quick lacing system with additional click-fastener
  • Adjustable size, breathable base shoe
  • Trains endurance and coordination
  • Increases oxygen supply
  • Strengthens muscles and tissues
  • Burns calories
  • Reduces neck and back pain
  • For children and adults

Have a look at the following video on how you can have fun with this TRAMP-It Jump shoes:

Interested to jump around with this shoes? You can now pre-order this TRAMP-It Jump Shoes for £99.99 (small), £109.99 (medium), or £119.99 (large) at

[via TheCoolGadgets]

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