Tea Diver Tea Infuser

Tea Diver Tea Infuser is something fun like the previous Tea Sub Submarine ship. What it will do is to be filled up with tea leaves, and then submerged into a boiled water to make a tea.

Well, I should agree that common tea bag would done the job. But with the reason rumor in health stating that tea bag (the bag, not the tea) is containing harmful elements to our body, I’ve stop using them and opt for bagless tea.


Now, I’m not sure if this Tea Diver Tea Infuser (I mean the container) is good for health or not. According to the claims, this Tea Diver Tea Infuser is using Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) that is used to make baby bottles and a stainless steel container for the tea. It should be pretty safe since toddlers use it all the time.

At first, this Tea Diver Tea Infuser is a concept design. But now, it’s been successfully pushed into production and currently being sold by YankoDesign Store as one of their featured product.

Tea Diver is motivated from the shape of Korean traditional diver, Meoguri, which only relies on a string of Oxygen tank to explore the deep sea. Tea Diver will help us enjoy a more pleasant and enriched teatime everyday.

Tea Diver is a strainer with a texture of Silicone harmless to humans, LSR, usually used to make baby bottles, so it’s innocuous to humans. It is especially useful when people boil water or diverse tea at home. It can also be used diversely in addition to its original function as a strainer. Because of its cute pattern it also serves as a good decorative tool and when you pick it up and shake it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The product is also easy to maintain as it can be naturally disinfected when put boiling water.


Tea Diver Tea Infuser is available now for $20 at YankoStore. If you are interested to have some fun with your tea time, you should this fun stuff.

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