For The Born Rich: G-1 Glass Pool Table

It certainly amazing where thinking money isn’t a problem when trying to but a “thing” that considered as a hobby. I would really want to buy a rare wood i-go chess table (that worth tenth thousands of dollars!) for my chess session because I love playing chess. Now, in case you are fans snooker (and you are rich), you might want to check out this amazing G-1 Glass pool table.


Created by Nottage Design, this G-1 Glass pool table is crafted with all glass surface and it’s transparent where you can see all the legs’ frame from the above. The glass itself is 15mm thick, toughened and coming with powder coat paint job. The glass surface itself looks very cool, but I’m sure doing a trick shoot in this type of surface is very challenging.

I have introduced this transparent pool table in the past, but in case you haven’t read it, this video can help you figure out what this G-1 pool table is all about:

Now, if price isn’t your problem, you can own this cool glass pool table for £34,999 at Firebox. Any naysayer?

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