Joby GorilaMobile Ori and GorillaMobile Yogi iPad 2 Stands

For iPad 2 owners out there, Joby has rolled out two new iPad 2 stands called Joby GorillaMobile Ori and Joby GorillaMobile Yogi. Joby is the company that first to produce unique tripod with flexible joints, and now they’ve created their own accessories for Apple’s iPad 2. Although both are from the same company, GorillaMobile Yogi is the one that looks so much like a Joby product. The reason is because the iPad 2 stand is actually using the flexible joints found in their tripod. On the other hand, GorillaMobile Ori is more like a different product from different department. It has no flexible joints, but still can do its job well to position your iPad 2 in a suitable view angle.


Joby GorillaMobile Ori is using superlight German-made aluminum/polypropylene composite material that is found on a luxurious car. The design of GorillaMobile Ori allowing users to use the stand in different position on folded/unfolded positions.

If you are like me who love the flexibility, GorillaMobile Yogi is the best option because we can bend it on any position. However, if you are luxurious chaser, Gorilla Mobile Ori is definitely a good choice since the aluminum design looks pretty cool.
If you are asking for price, Joby GorillaMobile Ori and GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 will be available for $69.95 and $39.95.

[Press Release via UberGizmo]

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